Lube Oil System Flushing

HVOF stands for High-Velocity Oil Flush. In order to perform an HVOF system pumps are disconnected, external pumps and filtration units are used to achieve a higher than normal velocity.

All orifices and anything that may be installed on the system to restrict or reduce flow will be removed. Then our technicians will bypass all critical components during the flush such as bearing and instrumentation. Hoses are then flanged to both the pressure and the return lines, then routed to filter pots. This increases the flow rate aiding in the filtration process. It also forces particulates and foreign material accumulated in the low flow areas mainly in your return piping, back into the reservoir so that after the flush it can be easily removed.

These specially designed filter pots are installed at each bearing and seal oil location. Sock filters will then be installed in each pot allowing us to visually track the progress of the flush. The progress will be determined by inspecting the cleanliness of each bearing and seal oil location through its associated filter pot. All visual inspections will coincide with fluid sampling performed onsite by Hydralube’s Technicians with a PODS (portable oil dialysis system).

When the particle count reaches an acceptable level and the visual inspection of the filter pots shows no contamination the flush will be complete and all data will be documented including before and after pictures of the cleaning process of the reservoir. Before leaving the site the system will be restored to its operating configuration with new gaskets. If the original operating fluid is in a reusable condition it will be pumped into an adequate size container and a polishing skid will be used to filters it back to the recommended specifications for its use and returned into the system.

If the operating fluid is not suitable for reuse then it will be disposed of properly and new fluid will then be filtered into the system. A full system flush report with the data collected will be sent to the customer concluding the flush.

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